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Life is a beautiful gift that comes with its share of pain and challenge. We sometimes need people to bear witness to our experiences and help us find our way forward in times of difficulty. I work with clients facing depression, anxiety, grief, or uncertainty and looking for some help on their journeys. I often work with people of faith as they consider how their beliefs and doubts may relate to mental and emotional health.

My work is informed by third-wave cognitive-behavioral approaches, but with a relational, empathic emphasis that avoids gimmicks and quick-fixes.

Psychologist, author, Christian

If you are looking for some help in a challenging time of life, please know you're not alone. Suffering is part of every life, even if it doesn't seem so because we mostly keep our suffering private. If you would like someone to hear your story and help you find your way forward, I would be pleased to talk with you further.

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