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Simply a great book. Excellent treatment of research. Practical suggestions. New insights.  Fresh metaphors.  Fantastic writing. Buy and read this book. It is a wise choice.


Everett L. Worthington, Jr., PhD, Commonwealth Professor Emeritus, Virginia Commonwealth University

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There are few authors and psychologists I admire more than Mark McMinn. With The Science of Virtue, he has done it again. He invites the reader to a Christian perspective on positive psychology that ratifies Scripture by presenting the latest evidence-based science. Wise and compassionate, this book is simultaneously edifying and inspiring.


Robert A. Emmons, author of Gratitude Words! and Thanks! How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier




Based on a book originally published in 1996, this revised edition provides appended chapters and a new introduction.



Clark Campbell and I present a model of psychotherapy that blends various theoretical approaches as well as integrating psychology, theology, and spirituality.


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I expected a great book from Neff and McMinn, but I didn't expect to be so moved, and challenged, and changed. This book wrestles with the ultimate questions of living, not just for my patients or students but for me. The authors share personal stories and experiences that literally put flesh on a totally new way of integrating faith and psychology. God is doing something new here.


Jennifer Ripley, Hughes Endowed Chair of Christian Thought in Mental Health Practice, Regent University




It was such a joy to write this book with Lisa Graham McMinn, my life partner, sociologist, spiritual director, and great writer.

We write essays about our life on a little farm in Newberg, Oregon.



An exploration about the struggles we face in life and our desperate need for grace as we honestly confront our shortcomings.


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One of the most enjoyable writing projects I've ever experienced. We search for home throughout our lives, especially after we have wandered away.

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